Commonly Asked Questions

Why is our Red Pine Fried Rice so white?
Traditional “Chinese” style fried rice is seasoned with salt, hence the pure white color. We listened to your feedback and suggestions and have since changed our fried rice recipe to now use soy sauce.

What does Happy Hour comprise of at Red Pine?
Happy Hour at Red Pine is available Tuesday – Sunday from 3pm-6pm at our bar. Our happy hour menu features $2 dumplings, $5 bar bites, $5 beers, $6 spirits, $7 glasses of wine and $9 specialty craft cocktails.

Where can I make suggestions to the menu?
You can email Red Pine Owner Mitchell Robbins directly at or submit your feedback via the contact form on our website. We value each and every opinion regarding your dining experience and appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Please keep letting us know what you think.

Does Red Pine serve duck?
Yes! We have several duck dishes on our menu for you to enjoy! Start with an order of Duck Scallion Pancakes, try our Half Roasted Duck Peking Style served with Mushu Pancakes and Vegetable Lettuce Cups, or add Pulled Confit Duck to any order of Vegetables or Greens.

Why do dishes come out at different times?
At Red Pine, our dishes are cooked in a wok. Wok Qi “life of the wok” or Wok Hei “breath of the wok” refers to the flavors and tastes imparted by a blistering hot wok. Dishes fresh out of the wok have a vibrancy and freshness to them that make it essential that food gets to the table as it is prepared so you can enjoy it while it is piping hot.

Can we request for our food to be brought to table slower during our meal?
Yes! We want your dining experience to be your own so please communicate your preferences to your server. It is important to us that Red Pine is a community restaurant you want to come to often for delicious food and fun times with friends and family.

What is the best way to eat Red Pine’s soup dumplings?
We’re so glad you asked! Soup dumplings have steaming hot delicious soup inside but how you eat them is up to you. Start by gently placing your soup dumpling into your spoon. You can carefully bite into the top of the dumpling and slowly sip the soup, or you can poke a hole in the dumpling using your chopsticks and pour the soup into the spoon. But no need to memorize this now, we’ll share with you again when you order your soup dumplings!