It’s a Vibe” Red Pine Chinese Restaurant & Lounge Opens Doors In South Florida At One Town Center In Midtown Boca Raton

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It’s a Vibe” Red Pine Chinese Restaurant & Lounge Opens Doors In South Florida At One Town Center In Midtown Boca Raton

A vibrant new Chinese restaurant specializing in upscale Chinese dining and a menu bespoke for South Floridians is now officially open for dining at the ground floor of One Town Center in Midtown Boca Raton (Merrill Lynch, Bank of America).

“We’re very excited. It’s been years since we had a premier Chinese restaurant in Boca Raton and after night one, I’m happy to declare we got one back. The food (at Red Pine Restaurant & Lounge) is fantastic, the service is great and the ambiance is wonderful. This is really a place where I think people will gather and enjoy all ranges of cuisine and just a night out…I wish my office building had a restaurant as good as this,” Mayor Scott Singer, City of Boca Raton.
Red Pine Restaurant & Lounge is the vision of real estate entrepreneur Mitchell Robbins (Wyndham Hotel Boca Raton, Farmer’s Table Boca Raton, Boca Ice ) who explains that the elevated Chinese restaurant is another community dream brought to reality for South Florida and Boca Raton.

“Red Pine is a vibe. Since becoming a resident of Boca Raton, I have been committed to developing establishments that were created with the community’s want in mind. My journey started with purchasing the Wyndham Hotel which became a meeting place for many community activities, and then added Farmer’s Table restaurant which became the local gathering place for family and friends where many community celebrations have been held. Now, a new ice hockey rink, Boca Ice, is becoming the hot spot for family fun and exercise. Boca Raton has been vocal about the need for a new Chinese restaurant for many years and with that request in mind, over three years ago, the R&D process for Red Pine began,” explains Robbins.

Red Pine, a name which symbolizes longevity, health and wisdom in Chinese tradition, features Chinese cuisine with a Pan Asian influence created under the guidance of Culinary Director Michael Schenk, a Michelin-star trained chef who oversees a large culinary staff including dumpling makers, sous, cocktail and dessert chefs to create the uniquely plated, trademark dishes and innovative spirit program served to guests of Red Pine.

“Our specialty at Red Pine is using Chinese time-honored techniques and recipes which have been passed down through the generations,” explains Schenk. “Our ingredients are the best we can source and cooked with authentic Chinese woks and steamers. Our philosophy for each dish is to keep it as clean and simple as possible. We use traditional techniques, with respect and integrity for all our ingredients,” he adds.

“Red Pine is another dream now realized for South Florida and the Boca Raton community,” explains Robbins. “The menu is ultimately about delicious food, and the interiors and high-style ambiance was designed keep the highest regard for captivating dish presentation and memorable guest experience,” says Robbins. “I am sensitive to what ingredients I put in my body. I love Chinese food, but I stay away from restaurants because I’m not sure what’s in the dishes. We wanted to change that comfort level for the South Florida customer and arriving tourists,” he adds.

Red Pine will focus on quality ingredients to produce the fan-favorite Chinese flavors we all adore. Dishes will be cooked utilizing a broth blanching in stock at incredibly high heat versus oil. Meats will be grass-fed, seafood will be sustainable. Seasonal veggies will also be sourced when possible.

“I take great pride in living in Boca Raton,” says Mitchell, explaining that he wants to focus all energies on this one location, keep the management local and set the stage for “a community restaurant” that guests can consider their own…Unlike most new eateries we hear of, the plan here is not to expand, but rather to go all-in, right at home and continuously survey guest feedback to make the Red Pine menu their own

Red Pine’s interiors were conceived to provide guests the experience of an updated take on a traditional Chinese restaurant one would experience in Asia. Elements are familiar but updated. An architecturally striking u-shaped bar serves as a central focal point for the main dining room, beckoning for guests to gather for Red Pine’s Social Hour and experience the brand’s take on traditional Happy Hour with innovative handcrafted cocktails. A combination of spacious community tables and a mix of rounded seating can be found in the central dining room with two private dining spaces available – the Buddha Room which seats 50 and outdoor covered patio terrace which seats approximately 58.

Red Pine Restaurant & Lounge is an upscale Chinese concept featuring a Pan-Asian with a modern healthy twist created by Real Estate and Restaurant Entrepreneur Mitchell Robbins. The elegant dining establishment features a robust culinary and beverage team overseen by Michelin-star trained Chef Michael Schenk. Red Pine specializes in traditional, authentic Chinese recipes, dumplings and dim sum without compromising quality or transparency. The restaurant prides itself on memorable guest experience with stylized interiors, innovative cocktails and
transparency in ingredients including house made sauces, grass fed meats, sustainable seafood and farm fresh vegetables. Red Pine is open serving Social Hour Tuesday through Friday, 4-6PM, Dinner Tuesday – Sunday 5-10PM and Takeout.
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